Split Oak Forest, Florida

A walk through Split Oak Forest. A great place to see deer, tortoises, armadillos, fox squirrels and the occasional hikers. More information for visitors can be found here. Hope the plan to construct a road through here will be buried again soon. Petition to save this forest from being split can be found here.

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Quidditch in St Cloud, Florida

Life in small-town USA. This is St Cloud, Florida. Last night we were out playing racquetball on one of the public courts. Think of a 40x20x20 foot box with a metal wire¬†door. Overhead lights casting long shadows, uneven walls giving the ball an unpredictable¬†trajectory, making the game feel like quidditch on an overdose of felix […]

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Around Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Beach is a real party town. Especially on Saturday night, it draws loud and party-eager crowds to its rowdy bars. Not really my cup of tea, but a good opportunity for some evening shots. More to the south, along scenic road A1A there are some gorgeous parks. Guana River State Park is a gem. […]

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