Quidditch in St Cloud, Florida

Life in small-town USA. This is St Cloud, Florida.

Last night we were out playing racquetball on one of the public courts. Think of a 40x20x20 foot box with a metal wire door. Overhead lights casting long shadows, uneven walls giving the ball an unpredictable trajectory, making the game feel like quidditch on an overdose of felix felicis potion. As we are trying to anticipate our next shot, an unknown man shakes the metal wire door of our racquetball cage.

“You guys playing with your hands?” he asks peeping through the metal mesh.

“No, we use racquets as you can see.” we answer unisono.

“Well, you see, I spent two years in jail – yeah I did some wild things – and there we played with our bare hands in our small cell. It was the only distraction we had there.” he remarks casually, as a conversation starter

“Cool, we should try that one day,” I answer, making sure to clarify myself “Playing with our bare hands not the wild things”

“Haha. Y’all have a great night”, and the unknown man disappears again into the darkness

“Goodnight.” Happy to live in a community with people from all walks of life.

Here some shots from St Cloud on a lazy Saturday morning. Looks can be deceiving. This place can get “wild”.






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