Florida – Merritt Island

Cape Canaveral may be most known as the place where the space shuttles took off and landed. But right next to it is the very scenic Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. It is home to a wild variety of birds and the occasional lazy gator. Lazy from eating too many birds I suppose. Advertisements

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Texas – Austin Marathon

The Austin Marathon is 26.2 miles long. Just like all other marathons. It is the special characters on and off the course that make it special. One of them looked like the wizard of Oz trying to dress up like Elvis – or the other way around. Strategically reclined in a deck chair in his front yard, white belly […]

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Tokyo Akihabara

For a quiet afternoon, do not venture into Tokyo’s Akihabara, aka Electronic city. But if you are into finding the latest manga, anime, dolls or dresses, this is the place to be. Every couple of years I check it out. This sparse sampling gives me the impression that the focus is shifting from general electronics store […]

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